Dribbble Email Notification HTML (Concept)

It surprises me a little when I open Dribbble's notification emails and see them in plain text. I thought it'd be fun to design an HTML version of the 'new follower' notification which reflects the current style of the Dribbble site (and it'd also be a good exercise to help me get to grips with Sketch, which I'm trying out as an alternative to Photoshop).

The header features the Dribbble logo and the avatar of the recipient, and shows the 'new/unread' state of the activity icon, reaffirming something new has happened.

The content is similar to the existing Dribbble notification email, but I added some of the follower's info, such as bio, location and status (in this case 'pro'), which I think is worth knowing about any follower.

I did consider including some of the follower's recent shots, but I figured it'd be best to drive the recipient to the site to see those.

I might try a variation for smaller mobile devices at some point.

I'd personally love to start seeing HTML Dribbble notifications in my inbox. What do you think?

Note: This design is not endorsed by @Dribbble and was purely done as a design exercise. The use of @Bill S Kenney 's Dribbble bio and avatar were done so with his kind permission.

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