Shits N' Giggles

Shits N' Giggles

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So this was something I made on a whim last night because Twitter pissed me off when I was raging. I really dislike 160 characters, for me it is one of the most annoying limits in the world, besides the U.S drinking age. (See this could go there, ha).

Anyways, all you are supposed to do here is type a complaint up top, then people can rate it as a shit complaint or something worth a few laughs. I've thought of the entire UX and how every single element works. I'd make it, but I don't have the time nor the extra money to do so.

If you think it's cool and want to code it go for it, I won't stop you. Claim it as your own, I really do not care. You'll notice everything after #5 is a repeat post for content reasons. All the posts are from one of my fav sites FMyLife. Pretty much the same concept, just simplified, and really just making the entire UX a lot more interesting and practical.


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