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Wanted to share a bit more of Tweak, a design prototyping tool for iOS that I'm building. This is still very, very early, but I hope it gives a sense of where Tweak is headed.


For some reason I didn't demo all the features in the video, but the sliders are direct manipulation: adjust the value and the view changes in real time, which is pretty helpful for aligning things just right. As mentioned in my first shot, one huge benefit of Tweak is that you can live tweak (get it?!) the animation property values to get them perfect, and those values are ones which can ship. No need for a developer to interpret from a prototype and guess how to long or how springy an animation should be.

Right now Tweak has a basic notion of layers, as you can see on the right. Each layer's properties can be tweaked indepently of the others, as you'd expect. There's obviously a lot missing, but some things are my list are: more properties (i.e. rotation), a concept of multiple 'scenes', better/more events (drag, pinch, swipe, etc), so stay tuned!

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