Friendly sign up page for people with disabilities

You can access the full documentation on accessibility here:

Today, for my first #dailyUI Challenge, I decided to take a stand & tackle an issue that deeply affects a worldwide community.

People with disabilities are having a hard time using everyday digital products because they are not fully adapted to their needs. We do talk about accessibility in the field of design and yet, as an expert on accessibility, we are still a long way from including all disabilities in everyday product designs.

Today my daily UI challenge is to design a sign up form. I decided to redesign a french organisation’s sign up portal. This organisation aims to help people with disabilities find a job.

The two most affected disabilities today are people with visual impairments as well as people with limited movement.

The challenge here is to keep in mind every disabled profiles and their needs:

Visual impaired usually needs:
- Larger text, at least 19px or larger.
- Typography where the letters are spaced enough, in this case I used Verdana.
- Dark typo colours.
- Lot of white space for a less crowded interface.
- Large menus, hence my choice of using a burger menu, since we can use the whole screen to displays the navigation menu.

People with motor disabilities needs:
- Larger “hotspot”areas to tap / click more easily as well as navigate with ease.
- Note that many use a tactile pen to navigate by using it with their mouth and in that case, scrolling / swiping movements can become tiring thus my decision to prioritise taps/clicks.

Please leave your feedbacks in the comments ! Especially regarding the UI since I am looking forward to progress!

Some more context:

I decided to participate in the 100 days UI challenge with two objectives:
1- improve my UI
2- Advocate & promote accessibility & designing for a good cause & better world!

You can read my latest article on medium about the good practices on UX accessibility right here :


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