Junk mail collage

Shot 1300980911

Analogue collage piece (converted to black & white) made from junk mail price tags.

The story:
Imagine a seed that starts in the ground, and over years of receiving sunshine and water it grows and thrives. Time passes. Then come the chainsaws — and off to the paper-mill we go. Much energy is expended converting the wood to paper and transporting it to a print shop. More time passes. Then copy writing, layout & design, product photography, editing; and back to the printer we go. Ink is laid, labels are made, postage is paid, and off to the post office we go. Gallons of gas and dozens of people later the goods find their way into my mailbox. I walk to the mailbox, sort my items, and within a few seconds this product of labor, time, energy and material goods are promptly discarded in the recycling bin, destined for more of the same. What a trip.


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