YouTube Redesign (Profil page)

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I’d like to introduce you to my first redesign : the YouTube profil page

Firstly, I’m sorry for my english which isn’t perfect. I’m french.

You need to know this is my personnal vision. I just tried to do a clean and intuitive design thanks help of youtuber’s friends.

Your opinion is important for me, all reviews are welcome :

✓ It’s easier and more intuitive to upload video : button is more visible and impacting thanks to its location.

✓ I decided to separate Google’s notifications and private messages from Youtube account. This allows a faster communication and organization.
Recently, private message are notified by mail in your google mail. It’s spamming. That why my concept offer an external mail box.

✓ We can easier discern Google account thanks to borders which Google’s colors.

✓ I sort informations according to its impact or context.

✓ I tried to enhance to navigation by more intuitiveness.

✓ The preview of video by image is the first contact with users. It should decide if users could watch your video or not. That’s why I decided to put images and preview bigger.

✓ No video description when miniatures : few people read the description of video. Only title and preview are decisive.

Comments, feedback, likes and follow are always welcome

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