Over the course of the last weeks the rest of the team at Attio and I have been working on a feature that is going to enable users to have a much smoother experience setting up and filling their collections.

We've explored a ton of iterations to get it just right: Importing a CSV comes with complexities that we carefully considered to ensure that the imported data maps to your new or existing attributes in your collection perfectly.

📂 Choose a CSV to import
Simple - choose a CSV or drag it into a collection. You can also start a new collection based off a CSV file.

👥 Map your columns to contacts
We help you make sure that we identify your CSV data correctly and match it to existing contacts in your workspace, or create a new one where needed, based on the data available to us.

👀 Resolve any potential issues
We highlight potential issues and built a simple tool to resolve them right then and there - no need to go back and iterate on your CSV.

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