HVAC Website

HVAC Website

Initial mockup for a small business website redesign here in Sacramento.

First problem solved: The current site design suffers from not enough of the right information in a prominent spot.

A second issue this design solves: The form on the current site does not allow collection of information needed to diagnose and solve the problem. The service professional drives out to the location still needing to know more info. This results in a wate of time for everyone.

Third problem to be solved: Generating content to tell the story of business owner's expertise in the field, in this particular city. The business owners knows (by neighborhood) what homes have what equipment installed in them, something learned from many years in the area and a variety of jobs. This knowledge is incredibly hard to duplicate.

We have decided to build content that tells the story of owner's technical knowledge, local knowledge, insight and expertise that comes from 10,000+ hours learning the craft of installing, fixing, and maintaining heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.

View the site at http://www.rushmechanical.net

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