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Facebook redesign - light

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This is my vision of the Facebook page (yep again).

First of all, I know that I don’t have any ideas about the whole context, Facebook have strong ergonomists, usability tests, designers, analytics to make the interface become better and better. I am not saying it is better, and I don’t have included all aspects. It’s just like concept cars. You can still come up with ideas, even if it is not going to be a real car, you can take inspiration for real one.

So here we go for Facebook (give me your opinion):

✔ A cleaner interface. Some interactions of the header have beed moved for a less cluttered interface.

✔ Less cluttered content. The actions of a post have been slightly reworked. Moreover, instead of showing « and 5600 others like», I try to make it more concise : «+ 5600 likes», and the numbers still clickable.

✔ The old actions buttons were « like, share, comment ». I have removed « comment » because this interaction is in the box « write a comment » below. (if there are some comments, they appear the same way than before).

✔ New button « Save a post » (the suitcase button). Need some work on the visual affordance, but i think it would be really important to be able to save a post that we really like (more than others ;) )

✔ Chat heads : Look the HD version attached ;) I find it would be really great to have these on the web version (if master IE agree). Also notice the chat is simpler. The like button of the chat disappear as soon as you start typing.

✔ Avatar badges : you might notice on the second post a little badge on the avatar. A friend is an avatar, but has also a mood depending on each post. I was also thinking maybe we can add custom badges (sports/love etc) available by default on your avatar ?

I hadn’t enough free time to work on groups/pages and apps, but I would probably add them on the sidebar too.

I would like to add that I am also working on real interfaces for some companies with a focus on usability, interactivity, visual, and UX. These companies allow me to post my design from January, so you should see some real stuff soon :)

Comments, feedback, likes and follow are always welcome

Have a nice day and i wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :)


Behance version

Also take a look at my iPhone app

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