VisualDiffer UI Icons

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  1. Matthew Skiles Matthew Skiles

    I was hired to redesign all of the in-app icons of OS X app, VisualDiffer.

    4 months ago

  2. CJ Melegrito CJ Melegrito

    I think the filter glyph here is really well done— rounded, instead of conical— which really matches the rest of the icons. Nice!

    4 months ago

  3. Matthew Skiles Matthew Skiles

    @CJ Melegrito Yeah, the client didn't want a standard looking Filter. So I tried do something a little different :)

    4 months ago

  4. Eli Schiff Eli Schiff

    Very nice icons.

    Some critique: There are a few details which are probably going to be illegible, like the calendar and folders with backwards and forwards glyphs on them. Unfortunately these elements are a bit too small I think, especially given that the strokes and major details of their surrounding icons are 2px wide, while these details are 1px.

    4 months ago

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