Adam Rudzki - Personal Branding

While working on personal branding, I realised that finding insight was something completely different and new for me. Good insight can turn into a creative idea, but being my own client made this project the most difficult one yet.

Without Chrystian’s support, this logo would never have come into being. I had to look deep within myself to be sure that the sign is synonymous with who I am and true to me, which was a very difficult task, as I had to put all of my pros and cons in the open... I think that I am a strong, realistically thinking person, and I strive to reach my goals at all costs, giving it my all and going against the flow, often taking a much different path than others. After weeks of meetings and brainstorming, we managed to turn the strategic and creative background of this project into the visual language of forms and shapes, for which we had been searching so long. The image we were looking for - a strong, powerful iceberg – got clearer and clearer, and we pulled characteristic shapes and features from it, molding them into the form of the letter A, the first letter of my name, a shape which I like and can identify with.

The final effect is the fusion of the minimalist form of an iceberg and the letter A, enclosed in a polygon. The sign appears in four color versions and in black and white.

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