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I am redesigning my site and decided to share the progress here. My goals are:

- To better communicate what I do since many customers don't know what UX is, and confuse UX with UI. I need to set clear expectations
- To improve my portfolio. Currently there's noting much to see so I want to write case studies for major projects that would describe design processes.
- Create better "about" page. It's as if I don't have any at the moment. Embarrassing.
- Consolidate design. The current design has been created during the last year and it looks like it has been created by 10 people not talking to each other.

So, this is one of the ideas I really liked for some time, but eventually I realized I hate these large background images with white text on it. I mean, seems to me that every second site has it somewhere. So I might let this idea go. And my wife hate this colors, can't argue with that :)

Typeface is JAF Facit.

Check @2x also.

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