Instagram Redesign

The other night I was looking at instagram's website and its user's profile layout. I decide to test my skill and take a shot at redesigning the site. I introduced it to a flat design. The design is simliar to facebook but still has the instagram feel. Dont forget to click @2x :)

*Features added or deleted

- Instagram Direct (top left on navbar)
- timeline so users have quick access to their photos in order base on year
- verified icon, that can be found on the mobile app
- photos of @Maykel Loomans and @dribbble as example comments
- flat ui colors
- love for the product

- I decided to get rid of the grid of photos that were present. So that user has control on what photo is displayed in the spotlight.
- The home button that is usually found on the top left is now gone. Usually you can redirect yourself to a homepage of a site by clicking the logo.
- Edit profile is hidden under the main profile pic.

Tyler Treadwell
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