Apple Calendar Redux


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  1. Hammed Kohistani Hammed Kohistani

    For some reason I feel like Apple missed an opportunity to "delight" users in its native apps like Calendar. I think by simply tying into photos from your album for example would be a fun and delightful way to jazz up something as boring as a calendar without getting too crazy.

    Check out the 2x photo for full screenshot.


    4 months ago

  2. Patrick Lowden Patrick Lowden

    I love your type treatment in this. I definitely agree with your idea on the photo integration as well!

    4 months ago

  3. Chris Whalen Chris Whalen

    Awesome treatment. WAY more interesting to look at over the all white solution Apple has.

    4 months ago

  4. Sharon Cardinal Sharon Cardinal

    Beautiful Hammed. The ios7 calendar needs help!

    4 months ago

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