king colors

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  1. Ryan Brinkerhoff Ryan Brinkerhoff

    Working on some different color options for an upcoming gallery poster.

    See it big!


    4 months ago

  2. Dangerdom Dangerdom

    Awesome work! Dig all of them, but the left one is my fave! Perfect amount of contrast!


    4 months ago

  3. Sam DeMastrie Sam DeMastrie

    Nice, I vote for the one on the right.

    4 months ago

  4. Steve Lowtwait Steve Lowtwait

    I like the one on the right. It has a nice balance between cool and warm colors.

    4 months ago

  5. Jon Stapp | atomicvibe Jon Stapp | atomicvibe

    I was originally going to vote for the one on the left, but the rightmost color scheme is fresh, unexpected, and really interesting — so that one gets my vote.

    4 months ago

  6. Joshua Krohn Joshua Krohn

    Far right.

    4 months ago


    Nice colors.

    4 months ago

  8. Jon Mills Jon Mills

    far right color scheme..

    love the illustration.

    4 months ago

  9. Here is my poster for Gallery1988's Fairy Tales show this Friday.

    See the while design here.

    3 months ago

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