Serif font on Debut

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  1. Pawel Kadysz Pawel Kadysz

    We've just submitted v1.1.0 of Debut theme. It should be available anytime now. The main change is that you can now choose between serif and sans-serif font.

    4 months ago

  2. Thierry Teyssier Thierry Teyssier

    The date is a bit to close to the title, otherwise I like it, very clean.


    4 months ago

  3. Andreas Ubbe Dall Andreas Ubbe Dall

    Really like the parallax scroll on the website content, very subtle.

    4 months ago

  4. André Bose do Amaral André Bose do Amaral

    Inspired by

    4 months ago

  5. Pawel Kadysz Pawel Kadysz

    4 months ago

  6. Fath Fath

    Re-download latest version from Pixel Revel to update?

    4 months ago

  7. Luke Lanecki Luke Lanecki

    Very sexy, but isn't there too much different font sizes?

    4 months ago

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