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Playstation 2 Controller

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Playstation 2 Controller photoshop controller digital illustration sony playstation ps2 dual shock 2

You guys were absolutely killing it yesterday, and I got inspired to start working on another one of these. And...finish it today. Oh well. :)

So the playstation 2 is admittedly not that retro. But it's still two console generations old, so it's kind of retro, right? It's probably the last console that I bought a bunch of games for. I lost interest during the most recent generation because so much more time and effort had to be put towards making the graphics realistic, that publishers pushed for iterations of games they knew would sell, and the gameplay and concepts found in most of the recent AAA games are rarely as interesting to me. Sometimes they are, but typically not.

Anyway, I always preferred the button layout of Playstation controllers. It's nice and symmetrical and it was always easy for me to tell which button was where.

Which one should I do next?

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