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UENO. (www.ueno.co) is hiring designers in SF and NYC to work with us on amazing projects. Send me your portfolios (h@ueno.co)


I'm super proud to announce the 2013 Google Santa Tracker. Every day through december we're opening up a new unique experience, some amazing games, videos, looping scenes and all sorts of assorted goodies.

Check out the live site: www.goo.gl/JldihK [EDIT: Santa is taking a well deserved break and will be back next december]

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It's all built in html/css, mostly retinafied and it's even fully responsive (hence the devices in the gif). Which I personally think is pretty impressive (I might be slightly biased) since we have some pretty complex games that work across devices.

The site has been live since December 1st so we already have about half of the things live, you should definitely check it out and don't forget to log in every morning for a brand new experience.


I was the Creative Director on the project, overseeing a incredibly talented group of people.

I think it's fair to say that without Dribbble this wouldn't have been possible since I basically found all the illustrators and animators on this amazing platform.

The full list of people involved is very long but to spare you a long read I'll just name the Dribbblers:

- made with some of the über cool people of @UPPERQUAD

- the always amazing @Glenn Jones was the lead illustrator and worked with me on concepting the games and scenes

- we already have one fantastic video up that was animated by the extremely fluid @Markus Magnusson (there are more coming!)

- the super hip @Alex Griendling came out of his Google retirement to illustrate some goodies that will go live later in the month

- the original illustration style was developed by the ultra stylish @Ed Nacional

And last but not least, the super talented @Seth Eckert is working with us on a reel for the project and the animated gif I'm using in this post (check out the 2x for the full effect) is made by him (go follow if you aren't already) and shows a glimpse at what is fast becoming the most epic reel in animation history - you might even say that it's unreel (ok, I'll show myself out).

Again, if you haven't checked it you really need to go here:

We make nice things with you.

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