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  1. MadSquare MadSquare

    DailyCig - Cigarette & e-Cigarette Counter

    Custom navigation : multiple "swipable" panels.

    Designed by Jérémy Paul

    AppStore : http://madsqua.re/DC
    WebSite : http://dailycig.com

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    4 months ago

  2. This is our custom UI navigation component used for DailyCig, Cigarette & e-Cigarette counter. I'm quite satisfied with it, you just need to swipe to access the content. The more you swipe away from the main screen, the darker it gets. Every layer is transparent, letting the background leading the ambiance through the app.

    Please watch the attachment for a full exhaustive view.

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    App Store : http://madsqua.re/DC
    More Info : http://dailycig.com/

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    about 1 month ago

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