☕️Coffee Machine App Prototype

My submission for Protopie Playoff! (And to be honest my first try on Protopie)
It's an interface that I need in my life! It's so tough to set the coffee machine on lazy mornings or to understand the new machine. With this app, I aim to solve that problem.
While making this I found me lost love for micro animations. So I couldn't help but create a Tablet version as well. 🙈

Thanks for extending the deadline and thanks for making such an easy-to-use software. Hardly took a day to get used to. Here is my cloud link: https://cloud.protopie.io/p/115f6898b8

Ps. The coffee dripping is a video and in the 3rd short there is a box behind me for the barcode, I am not sure if you can see that.

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Posted on Jul 13, 2020
Kalpesh Prithyani
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