I've been inspired by Tobias Van Schneider taking his frustrations with the tools he uses and building his own solution.

In a similar vein, I'm taking my frustrations with cookie cutter todo apps and building my own solution. At the very least I intend on building out the app for my own personal use.

At this stage the app revolves around 2 core beliefs:

1. As with pareto's principle, 20% of the stuff you need to do blocks the rest of your goals. Tackling your blockers first sets up your day for success.

2. Life is messy, and tasks are rarely elaborate documents waiting for attention. They often start as ideas or notes and grow into projects as you learn more about the task and what will take it over the finish line.

I've found that these two beliefs are guiding my decision making and how I want this app to function.

Posted on Jul 13, 2020
Ollie Taylor 😎
I design and build stuff for your screen.

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