Mikael Gustafsson

iOS game re-design

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iOS game re-design robot 3d c4d cinema 4d tree shadow concept art key visual character design

Here's a new design for an old iOS game that me and a friend of mine never finished.
This is the key-visual that I've been working on the last couple of days. It will be used for splash screen or something but it also helps a lot when working on the level-designs.

I modeled the character, the tree and some cliffs/rocks in C4d. I did the texturing in Photoshop because C4d's UV-mapping tools is to time consuming (I've heard 3d Coat is way better on this), and I only need this kind of detail for this screen.

I decided that a "not so lowpoly:ish" look will force me to learn more C4d techniques and I still have the other iOS game that I'm working on which use a more minimal style.

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