Super early peek at a new branding project that we are really excited about. This will be a new major carrier that will be strictly for U.S. active duty and veterans. The brand will represent the strength and tradition of each department - Airforce, Navy, Army and Marines but will also have extreme flexibility to be unique to each department with specific identifiable color palettes, messaging and more. This is not the final package, it is the exploration of color, type and mark in context to get a better feel of the mood.

This carrier is not a government run agency. This is a smart, trusted, forward thinking technology company that wants to serve a great and deserving demographic.

It is our goal to make it true to the values of the users but also very technology and design oriented.

Stay tuned for many more shots from the team. We just started this week :)

Big props to @Sam Stratton for his work on this project.

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