New idea for homepage

I've spent weeks crafting the new grilled pixels website, to only recently realize I could do something better. After coming up with an idea whilst at work, I played on it more and more by drawing everything I thought of. I decided to whip it up in photoshop, and now I'm thinking I should use this instead.

The homepage, would be pretty much this.. and that's it. No blocks of information where it could potentially lose the user, it would just say what we do right from the home screen. With a stupidly clear navigation to guide the visitors, as they walk through they'll get a good understanding of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

When you click 'case studies', some fancy animation kicks in so you can browse projects. And the other pages will contain the information that they need. Instead of repeating it in the same or different way on the homepage like every other portfolio.

Would love to hear your thoughts! Should I go with this one?...

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