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  1. Nathan Trafford Nathan Trafford

    So I've been playing around with the idea of stellar flags recently. It surprised me when i found out one day that Earth doesn't have a flag (not a good one at least). Then I though, "well what about all the other planets, too? Why don't they have flags?" And so this idea was born. I've had a blast researching the planets and figuring out how to design around only a select few facts about each one. I'll be setting up a site with facts, figures, and Tshirts soon.

    This one is Uranus.

    Uranus has 27 moons (dots).

    It has 13 bands (background bars).

    It is also the only planet in our solar system to have a vertical equator (halved circle).

    it is also the biggest planetary punchline in the universe.


    4 months ago

  2. Alyssa Pugh Alyssa Pugh

    i love this idea. So much so, that I wish I had thought of it and could do it.


    4 months ago

  3. Nathan Trafford Nathan Trafford

    @Alyssa Pugh thanks! silly ideas like this come when you least expect them.

    Also, it sounds like i just missed working with you at T3. I think you left just before i got here.

    4 months ago

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