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  1. j j

    This is still a work in progress, but its getting there. Check out @2x.

    Oh I hope @HillaryHopper doesn't mind I stole her face!


    4 months ago

  2. Joel Atherley Joel Atherley

    Really nice and simple. Although i'm not too sure how the discussion is working, because the position of the users name and avatar has changed position...

    Also the arrows leading from the content, what are they for?

    4 months ago

  3. j j

    @Joel Atherley The top part is a question ( the reversed avatars/usernames section is the replies to this question. Maybe this shot doesn't do the whole UI any justice.

    The arrows are to show replies to each comment (like threaded comments). Like I said, all a work in progress at the moment. :)


    4 months ago

  4. Mallory Box Mallory Box

    This is really nicely organized! Maybe facing the arrow just one way, in the direction of the conversation, could make it more clear. I was confused about that as well. Although, you might want to consider if they are necessary at all.


    4 months ago

  5. Paul Dufour Paul Dufour

    Is this for


    4 months ago

  6. I reworked some of the UI from the previous shot, making it less cluttered and cleaner. If you check out the attachment, the idea behind the "Reply" feature is simple - basically when you click 'Reply' the background of that comment pops out (the dark section) and then the reply field appears. The 'Reply' text then turns to 'Cancel' if you decide not to reply.

    The bigger font size at the top is ( is to indicate that this is the Question and the ones below it are the replies/comments.

    3 months ago

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