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Heyday is an automatic journal. It makes remembering effortless, beautiful & fun so you never forget another day of your life. Download the app and follow Heyday on Twitter.

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Life moves so quickly and can become a blur, and often I find it difficult to remember what I did even yesterday, let alone a week or a month ago!

With Heyday, I never have to worry about forgetting what I've done or seen. Heyday automatically journals the story of my life -- the places I go and photos I take -- and I get to fill in the details if I want, when I have time. I've always wanted to keep a journal but never quite got into it, and with Heyday I finally have a journal that I can keep.

Here's the official blurb about Heyday:

Effortless Journaling - Heyday transforms the photos and videos on your iPhone into a beautiful journal, presenting you with a delightful way to rediscover your most important memories. And since life happens when you least expect it, Heyday automatically chronicles the places you go and the things you see so you’ll never forget a meaningful place or moment again.

Beautiful Memories - Heyday is the easiest and fastest way to craft beautiful memories the way you want to remember them, with more than 50 unique collage layouts and 18 beautiful photo filters exclusive to Heyday. And with just a single tap, you can add your thoughts or include friends to make your memories complete.

Delightful Discovery - Don’t let all your best memories go to waste by putting them away in a shoebox! Heyday will surprise and delight you by surfacing your best memories for every anniversary, every trip, at the right time and the right place. Rediscover every meal you’ve ever had at your favorite restaurant, or every moment you’ve ever spent with your loved one. Your memories will come alive as you live your life, just by having your iPhone in your pocket.

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