Moskis Social Gems

Shot 1300525380

Here's my debut shot. :) It's a social icon pack i made about a month ago.

It contains icons for 60 different services and comes in two flavors, 3D and flat, the latter depicted here). Each of these flavors comes in 3 variations: Normal, shadow & shadowless. So in total that's 360 pre-baked icons. :)

The 3D icons are 32x32, while the flat ones are 32x30. This gives the icons a wide look that in my opinion looks interesting.

They were done in Photoshop with vector shapes so that the logos could be optimized as much as i could to the low resolution and i'm quite happy with the final result.

They were done for Spanish blog Ontuts and can be downloaded from there.

And finally, many thanks to Liam McCabe for drafting me. :)

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