Chinese Sina Weibo page redesign.

Chinese Sina Weibo page redesign.

It's a rebound of Chris Bannister's amazing work! Thanks!

Full blue and orange page is here:

Weibo is a more complex version of Twitter, since it's overwhelmed by too many features, its page now looks quite messy. My objective is to keep the features, at the same time, organize the content a little.

The blue side is for companies and the orange side is for celebrities. (Oh! neither of them are for ordinary users like me ToT) I make the header image bigger for them to show their recent event/promote their product, etc.

The lower left gray box is an expandable area for companies to put slides or videos. Now all the promotional materials annoyingly occupy the space of Weibo messages, viewers have to scroll down the page to see what they're looking for.

The upper right timeline on the header image is designed especially for models, actors and singers. A more convenient access to their photos.


Left 1 Profile
Left 2 Short intro/Weibo verification/link/related accounts
Left 3 Expandable area for slides and videos

Right 1 Photo timeline
Right 2 Categories: Weibo messages/photos/more
Right 3 Keep the current style
Right 4 Load more

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