Crop of a class/skill augmentation system. Full view in attachment.

Sectors: Choose what section (tree) you want to develop. Examples: Hybrid, Assault, Support, PvP Offense, PvP Deffense, Utility.

Tiers: Each section (6 total) has three tiers that contain ‘Amps' (more on that below). Tiers unlock after all Amps within a tier are obtained. EX: Having all Amps on Tier 1 unlocks Tier 2.

Amps: Contain augments that range from secondary stats (ex: passive buffs) to added capabilities like increased sprint stamina. Amps are obtained/unlocked through leveling up, random loot, crafting and auction house. You then use points to 'activate' Amps.

Points: You'll gain one point at every level until cap and other means.

NOTE: Still beta, so expect tweaks. Because it's a complex system, it's been simplified here to get the basic concept across.

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