Day Ten: O'ahu Island

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  1. Geri Coady Geri Coady

    Over the summer I created over 35 achievement badges for the Withings Health Mate fitness app.

    Day ten is the O'ahu Island of Hawai'i.


    “Oʻahu, known as "The Gathering Place", is the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands.

    Being roughly diamond-shaped, surrounded by ocean and divided by mountain ranges, directions on Oʻahu are not generally described with the compass directions found throughout the world. Locals instead use "ewa" to mean toward the western tip of the island, "Diamond Head" to be toward the eastern tip, "mauka" is toward the mountains, and "makai" toward the sea.

    O'ahu is also known for having the longest rain shower in history with over 200 days spent with continuous rain. Kaneohe Ranch, O'ahu, Hawaii reported 247 straight days with rain from August 27, 1993 to April 30, 1994.”

    (From Wikipedia)

    5 months ago

  2. Matt Soria Matt Soria

    Man, all of these have been so nice!

    5 months ago

  3. Kingyo Kingyo

    Like the style~

    5 months ago

  4. Cesar Zeppini Cesar Zeppini

    During all those days I'm really trying to find something wrong with those badges. NOTHING. All of them are perfect, and so nice, that I want to live inside them :D
    Well done!


    5 months ago

  5. Sant Valentin Sant Valentin

    Nice island !

    5 months ago

  6. Roy Veldkamp Roy Veldkamp

    Really love these and the stories behind them!

    5 months ago

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