"An unknown species of gigantic octopus has been hypothesized as a source of reports of sea monsters such as the lusca and the kraken... In 1802, the French malacologist Pierre Denys de Montfort in Histoire Naturelle Générale et Particulière des Mollusques, an encyclopedic description of mollusks, recognized the existence of two kinds of giant octopus. One being the kraken octopus, which Denys de Montfort believed had been described not only by Norwegian sailors and American whalers, but also by ancient writers such as Pliny the Elder. The second one being the much larger colossal octopus (the one actually depicted by the image) which reportedly attacked a sailing vessel from Saint-Malo off the coast of Angola."

pencil, watercolors and digital

check out the "Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology" here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Illustrated-Encyclopedia-of-Cryptozoology/12044321


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