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  1. Courtny Cotten Courtny Cotten

    Industry icons for Progress app!

    5 months ago

  2. Andrew Ckor Andrew Ckor

    Looks perfect crafted man. I like the details on the car and the gardening tools.

    What is the sixth icon?

    5 months ago

  3. Courtny Cotten Courtny Cotten

    @Andrew Ckor The sixth icon is for Monument/Memorial service providers.

    From top to bottom, left to right:
    • Computers/Tech
    • Machinist
    • Florist
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Monument/Memorial
    • Landscaping
    • Jeweler
    • Pests


    5 months ago

  4. Andrew Ckor Andrew Ckor

    Oh nice, this is what I thought :P

    For Jewler though is might be better to make the ring bigger than the other icon. Could become more obvious that is jewellery.

    5 months ago

  5. Evan Ames Evan Ames

    Looks great man! Can't wait to see your app and all the live interactions.

    5 months ago

  6. Lane Kinkade Lane Kinkade

    big fan of the rose

    4 months ago

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