Speaker Wip 01 (3d)

Speaker Wip 01 (3d)

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I have been building some stuff by hand for the last months and it has been awesome.
it's probably the best AFK activity I had in my life and I've never felt so creative in years.

I'm also trying to involve my girl and we have loads of ideas that we want to make real, The current project
is to build some hifi equipment for movies and music, 99% of the parts is already here and I'm currently designing the
cabinets. Anyway, I will post some rendered images under the design process here and post progress photos at instagram (no more cats and food "maybe")

Here is one of the terminals, the plate is made of anodized, brushed aluminum and the cabinet is matte black and walnut wood.
it's not engraved yet but I put some temporary text and symbols on it.

Highres render and real photo is attached.


"oh, I modeled this before I got the real piece so its not that accurate ;P"


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