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Hey everybody! Loads of attachments in this one and be sure to check it out in 2x!

Over last weekend as part of our internal Handsome Challenge series I created a revamp conceptualization of Pandora which I thought was in need of a fresh pair of eyes. I really wanted this to be a higher-end experience since as you navigate the market of media players and similar products, there’s a lot of fun-ness going around (Not that that’s a bad thing). I was trying to go for a little different, a little more immersive, etc.

At any rate, I’d love constructive feedback on the concept from any perspective(UX/UI/Branding), and I highly encourage others to take a stab at the Pandora interface from the standpoint of it being a not very straight-forward or conventional media player service.


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  1. Pandora Concept Part III


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