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Hey guys!

I just found out I've got 5 dribbble invites left.. that's insane! I didn't even know I had them! ..Anyways, I checked out some of the prospects, but most don't include a portfolio or any other way for me to check out their previous work. I'm going to give you all an equal chance! Here's how:

- You don't HAVE to follow me on Dribbble, but it would be nice. Just know I won't judge you any differently.. it's still the work that counts and if you don't like my style, don't bother!
- Like this shot. Not because I think this is a masterpiece, but it would be good for me to know how many emails I'll receive (or should have received). You can unlike it later of course. Just want to know if I need to check my junk folder more often than I do now, in case your work ended up there by accident.
- Send me an email with only one image attached; the work you're most proud of. You don't have to add any words unless you think it contributes anything. If the piece is not 100% your own creation, it would be good to add some information on what you contributed to it.

I am very much looking forward to seeing awesome work!

Wow, I never expected to receive so many responses. I've seen so many good ones already! I will go through them all one by one and select the new Dribbblers by tomorrow (monday) evening. This means you still have until tomorrow to send me your best work! I hate knowing that I'm going to disappoint so many (good) people! I hope you won't hold any grudges against me for that. I wish I could invite all of you haha! Thanks!

The players I have chosen have been drafted. I am glad to have had the chance to draft really good players, but it is bittersweet, because I've also had to leave many good prospects without an invitation. It was very difficult, because I selected no less than 17 people worthy of an invite! I'm very sorry if you're not one of them. I do hope we can still be friends and that you keep following me, just in case I do get more invites in the future! I'm also sorry for not being able to respond to all of you, but 103 emails are a bit too much for someone who has a daytime job haha.

People who did get an invite, welcome! You come from all around the world, are both consisting of men and females and active in very different areas! I've seen people good with UI, typography, branding, packaging, drawing and it's the diversity that I loved in your portfolio's. I feel like I can learn from all of you and because of that, I'm proud to be the one who drafted you. Have fun and play by the Dribbble rules!


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