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Dribbble Firstdraft draft drafted thanks appreciation animation first draft thank you

Thanks @Alexander Haase for drafting me on Dribbble.

I know my animation is nothing great to flaunt, but to show my gratitude to @Alexander Haase I specially learnt After Effects and tried my first ever after effects project. I have been waiting for quite sometime to get drafted here and when @Alexander Haase did draft me in an instant I wanted to express my genuine thanks.

I wanted to make my thankful draft which actually takes a lot out of me, before this I never ever had tried After Effects and honestly for first timers AE is hell tough.

Anyways thanks once again @Alexander Haase for drafting me and I hope to contribute to this brilliant community with my best shots
(And if possible be kind to my first AE attempt, it was indeed tough)


PS: The first sentence reads "Alex you have a message" and the second offcourse says "Shadman Ahmed has appreciated you for Drafting him on Dribbble..Thanks!"

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