Airbnb for iOS 7 - Update

We recently shipped a huge update to Airbnb for iOS 7 and Android. I'm excited to share some of the pieces that I worked on. Specifically, Groups.

We launched Groups to over 350,000 diverse Airbnb Hosts around the world. Our goal was to give hosts a platform to share insights, exchange tips, and connect with one another. Hosts can now create a group with a unique purpose (taxes in New York City, creating better guest experiences, tips for first-time hosts, etc) and run their own self-organized group.

Here's a real example of group purpose by a host, Steven, in Sydney:
"I love airbnb and strongly believe that together, by connecting with one another, we can make the experience for our guests, and ourselves, even better. If your are a host based in Sydney, this is the place to ask questions, share your insights, exchange tips and flourish as a host."

Huge shout out to the entire team, all of the mobile engineers, all of the community managers, and everyone who helped ship this!

You can download the iOS app here

Posted on Nov 23, 2013
Derek Bradley
Digital Product Designer

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