Pattern library navigation and leading intro

Artboard 4

Hey guys! I know I'm not adding the coolest perspectives, camera pictures nor always the full shots, but hey, this site is about what I'm working on and not so much the final work! :-) But ofcourse I hope to show the full work once it's finished!

We have just started building this really cool pattern library at the company I work for, which contains a foundation in, well.. Zurb's foundation. It has been fully customized and documented to our needs. What you're seeing here is a tiny bit of that pattern library. We're so happy that design and front-end is finally getting more focus in our company. This library really helps us drive evolution, consistency and helps us communicate components of design more clearly throughout the company. I can really recommend building your own library wherever you work. It takes you what, a month to build and design, but it'll save you loads of time and frustration long after that!

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