My messy life

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  1. Lindsay Lindsay

    Here's my crazy workstation. It lives in my studio in New Haven in the old factory building that used to produce Erector Sets!

    Running a business that's bigger than one person requires way too much paperwork to keep such a tidy desk that I've seen posted here. (unless you folks completed deconstructed your desk just to take a picture, in which case I wouldn't blame you). I have a love affair with sticky notes, so I use them often. I have my Pantone book on my desk, grid paper, tissues, and my coffee cup.

    I have the worst chair on the planet but I like it because it has no arms. I hate chairs with arms. Atop the chair sits the saddest little dog in the world. He sits on the chair with me most of the times. Sometimes he's on the desk.


    5 months ago

  2. D-alex D-alex

    why the sad face? looks funny :)

    4 months ago

  3. Lindsay Lindsay

    @D-alex Why the sad face on the dog? Because he is a sad sad sad little pooch. He even has an intsagram account that focuses on his sadness


    4 months ago

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