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Hi Guys,

Its time for me to contribute a bit to our design world.
I have created a UI kit for rapid wireframing in illustrator.

This little puppy has all elements that would be used for creating wireframes for a website or any non-touch device interface.
The elements are made with different states. You just need to turn on/off the layers to see different states. It is made for both square and rounded corners.

It is created in illustrator with minimum graphics which is usually how the wireframes are made.
The reason why I did not create in photoshop because I wanted to create vector images so you can scale it to whatever size you need to without any distortion and have used minimum graphics like shadows or colors so that you can tweak and manipulate the way you need it.

Go ahead and download it and its all yours :)

I have my email address in the file, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions accessing the file.

Also provide your constructive feedback here.

Just one favor I would like, if you could please share it so that other folks like us can also get the benefit of it.

Here is the link from where you can download the source file

Thanks and Enjoy


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