The Hunger Games district badges project

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I'm a huge fan of the Hunger Games, both the books and the movies.

One evening, I started sketching this seal of Panem, slightly altering it in the process.

Once I started, I obviously couldn't stop there. I went ahead and re-created the 12 badges, one for each of the districts of the story. Some of them are close the ones designed by the art team for the movies, some of them are my own take on each district's specialty.

For memory, here's a list of all the districts:

- District 01: luxury
- District 02: masonry
- District 03: technology
- District 04: fishing
- District 05: power
- District 06: transportation
- District 07: lumber
- District 08: textiles
- District 09: grain
- District 10: livestock
- District 11: agriculture
- District 12: mining

These are all first takes. There are a few things I'm unhappy with, and that I'm looking for suggestions and feedback for:
- The mix of flat icons and 3d imagery
- District 01 doesn't convey luxury enough to me at this point
- District 05 is I believe too complex
- District 07 could be without a full tree, maybe just a trunk
- District 10's bull head is so wrong

The goal is to now start a second round of sketches (based on your feedback and suggestions), and then to vectorize these puppies. After that, we'll see. Maybe I'll finally have a shot at getting Mondo interested?

Thanks for watching! Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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