LGDA -The Sequential In Motion

Earlier today I received an email to inform me that I had been chosen to participate in a celebration for 25 years of the LGDA. I jumped on the opportunity, creating logos and identities is truly my favorite so when an organization such as LGDA offers you a chance to display your work you take it.

Each participant receives a year. The designer must create a logo that represents the year given. It's kind of funny that 2009 was the year chosen for me. I feel like 2009 was when I really started develop myself as a designer so it was pretty cool to revisit this time in not only design but my infancy as a designer.

I decided to do a trend mashup combining a sequential style with gossamer keeping it colorful and bold. I would love to hear your thoughts! 2x for a closer look.

13 Rebounds

  1. LGDA 2001 Monolith
  2. 25 Years of LGDA:  2003
  3. LGDA 25th Anniversary - 1998
  4. LGDA Nickelodeon '94

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