Bolt Sphere // Bolts 11/15 - Logolounge 2020

Trend Report // Logo Exercise ⠀

Not quite easy to make a sphere using not a single courve! Here my interpretation of the Bolts trend, a spherical multitude of bolts, really like this one; this balance between a bunch of geometric shapes pleases me a lot.

Feel free for give me some feedback, does the concept feels nice? What do you people think? Would be nice to hear what you see on this symbol :)

This side-project is meant to be an exercise on the logo trends of the year. As I've said on the previous posts, my motivation is just to study the trends and hopefully create interesting concepts using it as platform, experience some new styles, etc. I hope you enjoy this project with me (feel free for check the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and (I'm almost losing it) 10)!

Plus, I've decided to work on a fictional logo concept for each of the sections created for the Logolounge 2020 Trend Report.
So I'm excited to try this new stuff and hope you people are enjoying this quick journey with me as well! ⠀

Let me know what you think about this work, my friend :)
Your feedback is really highly appreciated! ⠀

The description of the trend I'm following on this shot is above, I'd love to keep the discussion on this topic flow so here goes the text: ⠀

"A symbol is only a representation of a thing or concept. We know a human heart looks nothing like the symbol we use to represent it. Nor does a star, or fire or a cloud. The ancient Greeks used a symbol for lightning that looks nothing like our modern-day interpretation. And our interpretation, looks nothing like the real thing. Even so, it was in abundant supply in this year’s crop of logos.

For millenniums, lightning was almost exclusively looked at as a weapon or punishment from the gods. They were in charge of it and could release it at will. We’d not really fathomed the idea of electricity so it’s not surprising that the idea of a bolt representing energy, illumination or a flash of brilliance is only a recent association. The Top Hat design used lightning as a small detail that’s a universal representation of action. I like to think that these phenomenon represent an inexplicably awesome event. Stick around and it may happen again." ⠀

(article excerpt by Bill Gardner) ⠀

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