Xbox One: Twitch Viewing App

Xbox One: Twitch Viewing App

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For those of you about to pick up an Xbox One today, make sure you download and try out the Twitch application. It was both fun, and a long hard slog of effort getting our viewing application ready for the system day one. Working on a new platform is always... interesting... but we did it!

Twitch is really starting to be part of the next generation of console gaming in a big way, and putting this live game broadcasting phenomenon in front of everyone is seeing some amazing results.

The integrated PS4 broadcasting experience is going banana-balls and I hope to be able to show off what myself and the Twitch team have been working on for Xbox One broadcasting next year.

For now... you can broadcast on PS4 and watch the entirety of Twitch on an Xbox One. Not too shabby.

For more information and a video demo: Click all this crazy blue text and stuff

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