Day Three: Loch Ness

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  1. Geri Coady Geri Coady

    Over the summer I created over 35 achievement badges for the Withings Health Mate fitness app. I'm going to post one per day until I run out!

    Day three is Loch Ness, Scotland!


    “Loch Ness is Scotland's (if not the world's) most famous lake. It runs for 23 miles (37 km) along the natural geological cleft that stretches from Fort William in the west of the Scottish Highlands, to Inverness in the north.

    About a mile wide at most places it is the purported home of the Loch Ness monster, a possibly mythical creature, which dwells in the Loch and is occasionally spotted by locals and passers-by. The sightings claimed lend credence to the remote possibility of a group of survivors of the long-extinct plesiosaurs (which lived up to around 65 million years ago).”

    (From WikiTravel)

    5 months ago

  2. Luca Burgio Luca Burgio

    @Geri Coady Awesome Badges Geri! I Love the colors and the elements that come out! :)

    5 months ago

  3. Thomas Johnson Thomas Johnson

    These badges are really great. Love the watercolor feel.

    5 months ago

  4. Robert Bree Robert Bree

    great badges you do

    5 months ago

  5. Donald Jorgensen Donald Jorgensen

    OH man, I love this one!

    5 months ago

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