A website design for a cafe

Good afternoon guys,
So, today I’m starting off with a design for tasty yet luxurious brand/cafe in Berlin “ Moka “
The raw name is appealing to me honestly, first things first!

∙ Colors: if you are following along with my designs you would know that I’m a big fan of nude colors and I have probably mentioned that a couple of times earlier, but when representing a strong color that drags your eyes for the mission of the brand and gets you excited to interact with the website! Nude colors can get a little tweaky, the reason why I needed to be careful with my color wheel this time and not to spin it that often, the color palette is obviously close to the one we see in coffee roaster and cafe spaces “ brownish “ but honestly when I went with brown it looked a bit tedious that’s why when mixed with a golden touch of color, it looks way luxurious than just brown!

∙ The Font: first, Nikolas Wrobel who designed Grand Slang, is just a genius, this font is one of the most fancy fonts in this world! Like, I’m literally fine to use it in all my projects because it’s never boring and very simple but unique “ you know what I mean “
Roboto Light was my personal choice for the menu section as for the bold version looked awful specially when it’s with GrandSlang in one page “ not a good fit, go Light “

∙ The structure: for the main page I saw a good option to keep the aesthetic as vintage and luxurious as possible, that’s why I needed to include photos that can fit the colors I chose, lined them up in a way to feel like you are looking at an album, reading a story of an old book with a smell of that cup of coffee you are drinking when reading the book. The same feeling needs to stay on the same line when scrolling down and see Our Story outlined to feel like it’s part of a book and one more thing is that the tag line in the first page which is the name of the brand transforms into the logo when you scroll.

So, that’s it for today, I’m working on a new design btw and soon will share with you, wish me luck and make sure to share your thoughts/ideas with me and feel free to DM me, I will be happy to chat with you all ✌️

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