Nerf Bow Stamp

Nerf Bow Stamp

Hello there Everyone,

I wanted to share this little fun bun with you that is kind of a side kick of an illustration I'm working on. As you might know I really appreciate the work that @Bill S Kenney and his team of the @Focus Lab are knocking out on the park... so on twitter there is a guy called FakusLab observing the FocusLab members... so when I asked FakusLab what he/she put on a stamp, "Nerf Bow" was the answer. So i made this quick and dirty illustration of a Nerf Bow and put it on a stamp...

Ähm the FocusLab team seems to enjoy Nerf wars from time to time, so I dedicate this shot to them, tho I'm not sure who is king of the hill atm - is it you @Rocky?

Thanks for your attention and have a great day everyone.

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