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Nuggsly The Cannabis Butler

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Some of you LA Designers may know of Nugg Club, the cannabis delivery company. As their Creative Director for the last 2.5 years, we've built the brand up to the subscription box it is today - that's been featured on Forbes, Esquire, and LA times. I will eventually show you the box, but let's start with Nugg's Roots.

As the new age of cannabis industry emerged, Nugg was ready to ascend beyond the typical stoner companies. They were positioning to be a premium cannabis delivery brand, while still delivering a fun and approachable experience.

The concept was all rooted in the idea of Nugg being your Cannabis Butler - here for all your needs at a moment’s notice. The result? Meet Nuggsly. He defined the best cannabis delivery experience that LA had to offer.

The kicker? Right before rolling out this brand design and character, the Bureau ruled that you could no longer use cartoons in cannabis. Alas, nuggsly was dead before he saw the light, but this is still one of my favorites.

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