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Yo, friends! Check out how the Purrweb team designed an app for signing documents online. 🤟🏽
What do you think about the interface? Like it or not?

📝 How does it work? There are two scenarios: the user uploads a document to the app — can organize it into a folder — and get people from your team who have to sign it on the list (you can also set up deadlines, which is cool); the user uploads his/her electronic signature as to be able to sign documents online.

📨 We added an In turn option: if there are 4 people to sign a document, and you need to take one signature before others — you’ll get the opportunity. The great thing is that users ill receive push-notifications, reminding them to sign.

🗂 Shot on the left — it’s a dashboard. Here you can see folders filled with documents and the last edited documents. Shot on the right — it’s a screen the user sees when tapping on a document. When users tap on any of them, they’ll see all details (number of signers, current line, and status of a document). At the bottom: it’s how users see the status of a document.

The color palette is light and bright: white background helps users to concentrate and bright colors are added to emphasize the most important elements.

Created by Julia Tikhiy-Tishchenko

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